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On March 26th the AVENE/GALENIC & DUCRAY/KLORANE product specialist visits the Pharmacy.

Visit us as well and get and get a free face treatment e hair evaluation. Also a bonus 10% discount on all Avene, Galenic, Ducray and Klorane products.

A solution for all types of skin.





Respect you sensitive skin, with AVÈNE.



Choose GALÈNIC to enjoy the sensoriality of its textures and fragrances.



Discover the two brands or find the product that better suits your skin, by the hands of AVENE/GALENIC product specialist and get a free face treatment.





Naturally soothing and moisturizing, Avene Thermal Water is the active ingredient of choice for sensitive skin with soothing and anti-irritant cut across all products.


AVÈNE provides a solution suitable for all skin types, while respecting the skin sensitivity.




Galenic - nova imagem.jpg


GALENIC  presents a new signature, a new identity and a new image.







A solution for all types of hair



Get personalized counselling and learn tips and tricks on how to treat your hair.

Know what it takes to take care of your hair.


Duas gamas, uma variedade de soluções para todos os tipos de cabelo.




Benefiting from constant research and technological innovation, on the border of dermatology with cosmetic, DUCRAY hair producs are leaders due to its high efficacy and tolerance.




klorane shampoo.jpg

KLORANE extracts for the heart of the plants unique assets tha provide the hair the best of Nature.



More info and appointments at your Pharmacy.

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