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The Pharmacy



The Pharmacy Carlos Pereira Lucas provides an excellent service to the community in which it operates almost half a century, distinguished by the expertise of its professionals, who have specific training to better serve you, the friendliness and godd mood to all clients and all services provided in the community.



This web site is another service that Pharmacy Carlos Pereira Lucas makes available to their clients, where you can put questions directly to pharmacists via e-mail, where you can see articles and useful information on health, know that the Pharmacy service is in Entroncamento as well as view, order and find information about many of the products available in the Pharmacy.

Welcome then to the web site of Pharmacy Carlos Pereira Lucas

Pedro Marques


The Pharmacy Team Carlos Pereira Lucas mission is the preparation, testing, selection, acquisition, storage, dispensing of medicinal products for human and veterinary products and other health services, as well as monitoring and surveillance of its use, and interpretation and evaluation of medical prescriptions, information and advice on medicinal products for human and veterinary, and other products subject and not subject to prescription, with patients / clients and health professionals to promote their proper use.

The Pharmacy Team Carlos Pereira Lucas is involved in health promotion and prevention of disease in populations, and shares responsibility with their own patients / clients and other health professionals.


The first concern of the Pharmacy Team is the welfare of the patient / client, the general public and the community.

The essence of Pharmacy in the pharmaceutical business is the preparation and dispensing of medicines and other health care products, the provision of appropriate information, counseling of the patient / client and the monitoring of the use of medicines.

The Pharmacy Team comes to information and advice on medicines and other health care products from the patients / clients and health professionals in order to promote their proper use.

The self-medication intervention follows the protocols of action with a view to adequate counseling of the patient / client and proper selection of therapy.

The Pharmacy Team contributes to the promotion of rational prescribing and dispensing, therapeutic, and economic, for the correct use of medicines.

The aim of each team member of the pharmaceutical care is clearly defined, appropriate for the individual, effectively communicated and accepted by all involved.

The Pharmacy Team promotes and participates effectively in health promotion activities in cooperation with other professionals and health institutions.

The Pharmacy is a profession of the healing art, college-educated liberal and independent.

The Pharmacy Team complies fully with the code of conduct inherent in the pharmaceutical profession.

The practice of pharmacy in the pharmacy is guided by ethical criteria - professional.

The Pharmacy Team is bound by professional secrecy.

Pharmacists are responsible for its ongoing refresher courses, as well as the updating of his team.

The relationship with other Pharmaceuticals is one of respect and collaboration, promoting the improvement of pharmacy practice and service to the patient / client.

The relationship with all health professionals is close cooperation, involving mutual trust in all matters related to health.

The relationship with the health subsystems is mutual trust, involving the professional discretion of the Pharmacist and all the rules of ethics inherent in the profession.

The Team

Owner and Technical Director Dr. Pedro Renato Nunes Marques
Pharmacist Assistant Substitute Dr. Telmo Nuno Fernandes da Silva
Dr. Diogo Jorge Natário
Pharmacist Dr. João La-Salete Oliveira
Dra. Salomé Brogueira
Pharmacy Technicians Ana Isabel Lopes da Silva
Ana Maria Vieira Gonçalves
Marcela Nunes
Ana Rita Casimiro
Ana Sofia Coutinho
Cathy Carvalho
Dermocosmetic Councillor  Cláudia Santos
Cleaning Maria da Luz Ferreira